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The Scleral Lens Academy is a course on how to utilize scleral lenses in the management of ocular surface diseases and as an alternative to soft toric lenses. If you are introducing scleral lenses into your practice this course should be your first step. We always feature a guest speaker and have hands-on training with actual patients.

AccuLens will be sponsoring a Scleral Lens Academy every quarter. The Academies held in Denver are graciously hosted by the UCHealth Eye Center Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute.

For more info or to register for the next Academy, call Coleen at 800-525-2470 ext. 101


The Word on the Street

What our clients say about us and what we say about ourselves.

  • Any person who has keratoconus knows that often times you must sacrifice visual acuity for comfort. Since being fit with these contacts, I no longer have "red" eyes, headaches or struggle to see at the end of the day. I am able to drive at night without seeing a blur of headlights coming at me- just 2 headlights!! They are wonderful and the comfort is unsurpassed. No more particles slipping under contacts because of poor fit. My world has opened up the introduction of these contacts. I am positively thrilled!!!!

    Margaret Jackson Margaret Jackson CCC-SLP

    Early Childhood Special Education

  • These new [scleral] lenses have all but eliminated these issues. I wear them all day, and my eyes feel relaxed at the end of the day when I remove them. They are so comfortable that I forget that I'm wearing them. Also, as a side benefit, the moisture they capture and hold against my eyes actually alleviates the dry eye problems I had been having, so that at the end of the day when I remove them my eyes don't feel dehydrated.

    Also, I no longer experience that "waxed paper" vision that happens when my eyes would get irritated because they do not get irritated with these new lenses. It is wonderful not to have to focus on my eyes all day long because the comfort of these new lenses makes them feel so natural as to not be noticeable. Thank you for all the time and effort you have spent working with me.

    Barb Fuhrman

  • I still don't understand how a bigger lens can actually feel so much better. I wear them 12 hours or more a day and for the first time ever I'm not even aware of my lenses. My eyes aren't tired at the end of the day and a few times I've even gotten in bed only to have to get back up when I realized they were still in. Now that is comfort. When I'm bike riding I have no problems with my lenses and have never had one pop out.

    Another benefit is that I have never had anything get under my lens which we all know how pleasant that can feel. Wind and dust are not a problem. My daughter has asked me several times since I started wearing these lenses, "Why aren't your eyes all red anymore?" I hate to say that a piece of plastic could change my quality of life but these lenses truly have done just that. Thanks for spending all the time with me to get the correct fit. I've even gotten so I can remove them with easy. I would highly recommend these lenses to anyone, forget how big they look, they feel amazing in your eyes!

    Ken Davis

  • My contact is working wonderfully. I am wearing the lens 12-16 hours a day with no issues. If there are things I need to be looking out for please let me know. I will try to make it in to see you after the new year. I am tempted to have my right eye fit as well now that I remember how nice it is to be able to see... Thanks for your time.

    Cody Hartshorn, M.D.

  • Clinically, I know the Maxim lens changes patients' lives. I am proud to be part of this new evolution in contact lens maufacturing. We are truly in the business of making life-changing products and with all our scleral lens designs, I know we do exactly that.

    William Masler FCLSA, NCLEC

    Clinical Instructor, Contact Lens Education University of Colorado / CEO AccuLens

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