At AccuLens it is our commitment to design and manufacture the best in contact lens designs. It is our primary focus is to be a practice partner in Custom Scleral Lens Designing. Our Vision is to be part of the team that includes the doctor, the technician and the patient to ensure the best clinical out come and change patient's lives one eye at a time. AccuLens's relationship with the University of Colorado's Health Sciences Eye Clinic, The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute and it's referring physicians and patient network creates a solid foundation to develop new products "hands on".


Located in beautiful Denver, Colorado, AccuLens was founded in 1970 by a local optician, Dave Grand. Dave created a small local customer base, with quality of product the number one focus. In 1979, Dave sold AccuLens to Paul Brookover. Paul continued to move forward increasing local customer base, with improvements to manufacturing and quality. In 1981, current and long-time owner Bill Masler purchased the company and made it his goal to invest in people, innovation, and equipment. Over the last three decades and with the help of Bill's business partner and wife Maureen, AccuLens has grown into one of the premier GP manufacturers of custom lenses. The AccuLens Maxim Scleral lens has gained international recognition and is changing the lives of patients who could not otherwise gain the vision they truly need. AccuLens' continued focused on products that can improve lives, education in the industry, and advancing technology in GP designs will bring new innovation to practitioners and their patients now and into the future.


AccuLens's consultants have over 100+ years combined experience in contact lens designing and manufacturing.


AccuLens is proud to be your partner in custom scleral lens designing. The Maxim, Comfort SL and EasyFit are not a "stock" lens products. AccuLens is a leader in custom lens manufacturing. Each product can enjoy the highest number of modifications and adjustments available on the market today. Please visit our fitting guides and or call your consultant today for more information. With AccuLens advanced CNC lathing all these refinements are made possible.

Customer Service

AccuLens strives to have the best customer service in the industry. All patient orders are treated a high priority. AccuLens ships within 2 business days and offers next day, 2nd day and overnight expedited shipping.


All AccuLens products proudly come from the inspiration of patient's needs. From the relationship at the UC Health Sciences, Lion's Eye Institute, AccuLens products are developed and refined on actual patients. Acculens is a leading manufacturer and has been a for runner in the industry developing new products that change lives and give the gift of sight.

Where we are in the world

AccuLens is a global leader in custom GP and scleral lens design. For international distributorships and licensing opportunities, please contact us.



  • " We are not just lab technicians, we are an infrastructure that is built from the ground up. We have access to real patients needing real solutions and we take those needs back into the lab and engineers to create products that will be problem solvers to the rest of the world. "

    William Masler, FCLSA
    Clinical Instructor, Contact Lens Education
    University of Colorado
    CEO, AccuLens