With a proprietary aspheric back surface, AquaFlow will give your patients the freedom to experience superior optics and unsurpassed vision. AquaFlow will not only meet your patients visual needs it will exceed them.


"Fluid Edge Technology" is our revolutionary design for corneal lenses. It incorporates an aspheric base and peripheral curves with a thin harmonic profile and AquaWet plasma treatment. This creates for exceptional tear flow on and around the lens surface. Patients who wear AquaFlow will experience outsanding corneal health and lens comfort.


Available in all Acculens materials.

  • " Advancements in machining and design have brought on a new age in GP edge design. Fluid Edge Technology has given the everyday corneal GP a boost in comfort and overall edge awareness. AquaFlow is the lens for the new GP patient. "

    Troy Miller
    VP Operations-Product Development, AccuLens
    Technical Affairs, CLMA