Clarity Plus is a dual aspheric multifocal lens design that incorporates a progressive transition for distance, intermediate and near correction needs. The Clarity Plus is indicated from low to moderate presbyopic patients that wish to have good vision at all ranges. It will provide exceptional near vision while maintaining clear distance vision.

Range of Options

Our Clarity Plus family of multifocal cover a complete range of options. Presbyopic designs are available from the emerging tto the advanced high add. Clarity Plus comes in a Standard, High Add and Extended Add.


The Clarity Plus family of lenses are aspheric multifocal translating lens designs. They are indicated for presbyopic corrections up to and including a +3.50 add. Their proprietary dual aspheric design allows for an alignment fit eliminating the need to fit excessively steeper than flat "K". Patients who wear Clarity Plus or Clarity Puls Extended Add have clear stable vision at all distances.


Available in all AccuLens materials.