Comfort SL is our newest design for ametropic patients who are experiencing dry eye symptoms and who are also may be having comfort and vision problems with their soft lenses. This Revolutionary lens will give your patients sharp stable vision while reliving their dry eye issues.


Comfort SL provides exceptional comfort and relief from dry eyes because the design does not rest on or move across the cornea. Instead it vaults the cornea trapping a layer of tears and saline creating a lubricated moist environment for the cornea.


Acculens proudly manufactures all scleral designs in Hyper Dk materials.

Lens Parameters

Designs: Dry Eye - Normal Corneas
Diameters: 16.2 mm to 16.7 mm
Powers: +35.00 D. to -35.00 D.
Up to -6.00 cyl
Up to +3.50 Add
Options: Front Toric, Double Slab-off, Multifocal
Prism, Thickness
Toric PCs
Materials: Hyper Dk 90+
All Acculens Scleral Lens products are 100% customizable and can be ordered in multiple combinations of designs such as Toric Multifocal with Toric PCs

  • " With new age design platforms and modeling software we now can empirically design a Comfort SL for patients with dry eye issues. "

    Troy Miller
    VP Operations-Product Development, AccuLens
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