No longer do your soft topic patients have to struggle with variable unstable vision. EasyFit is designed to vault the cornea and land softly on the scleral. Because it does not move, your patients will have exceptionally sharp stable vision.


Soft Lenses are comfortable not because they are soft. They are comfortable because they are large and do not move much across the cornea. EasyFit is large like a soft lens and does not move at all across the cornea. Patients who wear an EasyFit find its comfort to be similar to a soft lens while at the same time find their vision to be exceptionally sharp and crisp.


Acculens proudly manufactures all scleral designs in Hyper Dk materials.

Lens Parameters

Designs: Normal Corneas - Soft Lens Replacement
Diameters: 14.0 mm to 15.5 mm
Powers: +35.00 D. to -35.00 D.
Up to -6.00 cyl
Up to +3.50 Add
Options: Front Toric, Double Slab-off, Multifocal
Prism, Thickness
Toric PCs
Materials: Hyper Dk 90+
All Acculens Scleral Lens products are 100% customizable and can be ordered in multiple combinations of designs such as Toric Multifocal with Toric PCs

  • " EasyFit is my lens of choice in lieu of corneal gas permeable lenses and many soft toric lenses. The are easy to fit and are exceptionally comfortable for he patient. "

    Larry Forrest, OD
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