At AccuLens, we pride ourselves in developing "Life Changing Products". The Maxim lens is one of those products. It has restored the vision for thousands of patients. Maxim lens will not only meet your patients' visual needs, it will exceed them.


Every Maxim Lens is manufactured to the eye specifications of the individual. Conventional gas permeable lenses rest directly on the cornea. Since the cornea is so sensitive this can cause constant lens awareness. The Maxim lens vaults and mimics the shape of the cornea. It does not rest or move across the cornea making it exceptionally comfortable in comparison to conventional lenses and other scleral lens designs.


Acculens proudly manufactures all scleral designs in Hyper Dk materials.

  • " Clinically, I know the Maxim changes patients' lives. I am proud to be part of this new evolution in contact lens manufacturing. We are truly in the business of making life changing products and with all our scleral lens designs, I know we do exactly that. "

    William Masler, FCLSA
    Clinical Instructor, Contact Lens Education University of Colorado
    CEO, AccuLens

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