Elissa Masler

Elissa has been with AccuLens since 2010. Elissa started her career as the south east Professional Service Consultant. She specialized in fitting and training offices in the Maxim, Comfort SL and EasyFit scleral lens products. Elissa's ability to fit patients, help in training of staff members and provide fitting services to doctors was a key to her success. She currently still is a key professional service consultant with AccuLens as well as adding National Sales Director to her title. As Sales Director she is building a team of sales professionals representing the AccuLens and its products throughout many metropolitan areas of the United States. She also is responsible for acquiring and collaborating with AccuLens international distributors and partners.

Outside of her responsibilities with AccuLens, Elissa is a mother of 3 children. She enjoys a very active lifestyle in Florida with her family which includes, surfing, kitesurfing, boating and yoga. She is an active participant with her children's school and city. She currently resides in Delray Beach, Florida.