Here are some conversion charts and fitting tools.

Quick Fit Guide

STEP 1: Make Sure the lens is large enough. The lens should be 2 mm beyond the limbus and should look like a large soft lens on the eye.

STEP 2: This step is most important. Find the minimum SAG value that vaults the cornea with no apical touch. If there is a apical touch, increase the SAG value (.1mm SAG for every 1.0mm of touch) until the lens vaults the cornea 250 microns. (Clearance is best seen with a thin white slit beam. The green fluorescein band should be 1/2 as thick as a normal corneal thickness or as thick as the lens thickness)

STEP 3: Check the edge. It should not impinge or lift excessively off the sclera.

STEP 4: Over refract for final correction.